Your story is unique, and our designers are here to make sure it stands out among the rest.


Design is all about taking an idea and bringing it to life. At Proctor, our design team ensures that the best ideas receive the attention to detail they deserve. We go above and beyond to explore how structure, color, lighting, and graphical elements can come together to tell a unique and compelling story. Whether you’re looking for a fresh way to reach your ever-changing audience or need to make sure your brand stands out among the rest, we have you covered.

“Trust goes a long way, and sometimes that is difficult to come by in a fabrication partner. When booking a job with Proctor, I can trust that no step will be missed along the journey from concept to design to production to execution. Not only that, I can breathe easy knowing that materials will be fully thought-through for in-field execution and that a team is focused on ensuring timelines are met.”

– Josh Harrold, Plenty Farms

We love the creative process and making ideas tangible things. Take a look at what we do and see for yourself.

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