Service Animal Relief Area - Proctor Denver

A new law states that all major U.S. airport terminals are to provide service animal relief areas.

In fact, the new rules have been in development since September of 2011, but it has taken several years for the proposed ideas to come to fruition.

Since 2008, U.S. airports have been required to provide relief areas for service animals, but until now, the existing requirements lacked specifics on the number and location of the areas, often making them very difficult for passengers to reach or even find. The new law will help to solve these problems.

“All but the smallest airports will soon have one service animal relief area in each terminal, and most will be inside the secured sections of the airport so that service animal users who have already gone through security will not have to do so a second time just to take a dog to a relief area.”                   – John Ensminger

Service Animal Relief Area - Proctor Denver

Several major airports have partnered with custom fabrication companies like Proctor to come up with an efficient adaptation to the transition. Proctor created what is now called a Service Animal Relief Area (S.A.R.A.). The S.A.R.A. will effectively meet the standards for this much-need, now-required travel amenity.

The new S.A.R.A. can easily be introduced into any airport terminal environment, and has already been installed in San Jose and Philadelphia international airports with several more in the works. Proctor’s Justin Pass has been at the forefront of the whole effort.

“We wanted to come up with an efficient solution for airports to easily adapt to the change.”                                                                               – Justin Pass

Pass expects to produce many more of these stations in the future, as more and more airports continue to improve their facilities. Proctor is equipped and prepared to fulfill the demand. Check out the S.A.R.A. facebook page for information, updates and more photos.

Service Animal Relief Area - Proctor Denver