1. We have workstations:

Not simply desks where we locate ourselves daily, but we have workstations where we are working with focus for extended periods of uninterrupted time, so standing helps us break up those long periods.

2. Back-wellness:

Sitting compresses the spine far more than standing. When sitting, the core is not as activated as it is when standing, which is essential to good posture. Standing properly loads our bodies key positioning of our shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles, and reduces our discomfort. All three of us (design members) notice more energy, and less back pain & fatigue after only two days of standing while working.

3. Unforeseen benefits:

The following was only realized (by G Cody Day) after our decision to transition to the standing workstations:

a) Standing puts us up at eye level when speaking with someone who has approached, where previously, people would stand over us, talking down, or even behind us over our shoulders. This change has had an immediate effect on subliminal communication, body language, and general conversation within the team and especially with guests. It has seemed to neutralize and even things out.

b) Our higher workstations now separate public and private space more clearly in our small area, clearly defining each member’s space differently from our lower common table in the middle of the studio.

c) It is easier to move away from our workstation quickly without having to get up, and we find ourselves moving away and returning more frequently because we’re already standing.

4. Increased energy:

All of us agree that we feel more focused, have more energy, and seem to be less tired when we leave at the end of the day.

5. We’re not lazy:

We don’t want to sit all day just because dogma, habit, and assumption have defined the evolution of the modern office the last 100 years.

6. The team looks dope. (see photo)

7. *Mic drop*