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FOR TRADE SHOW BOOTHS IN DENVER AND BEYOND. From trade shows to permanent installations,
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From concept to execution, the Proctor team is here to make your brand stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re heading to a trade show or taking your campaign on the road, we can do it all. And we’re there for you every step of the way, from the napkin sketches to flawless delivery and execution.

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Ideation is the process of formulating and relating ideas, but is basically a fancy synonym for creative brainstorming. It’s an important and successful first step in our process, because it allows us to start very blue-sky and not limit ourselves to small thinking that could keep us from stumbling upon a fun or good idea. We basically get all the crazy out, and then go back to groom the madness for anything relevant. From what we curate, we then develop the strongest ideas into successful parts of designs. Some of our best work has come from the strangest places. Take a look at our work and see for yourself.



The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is so completely true. We dutifully explore form and structure, color, lighting, and even graphical elements when designing anything that someone will see and relate to. Taking our ideas and turning those designs into compelling visuals is a huge part of what we do, because the better the story the better the visual needs to be to communicate the context of what experience someone will have seeing what we do. Our high level of quality in presentation validates our process and proudly demonstrates our attention to detail. Plain and simple: Design & Visualization helps us create great designs that communicate more clearly to everyone through trade show booths.



Telling a good story is just the beginning. Following through with that story is our responsibility too. We believe a good process produces good results and having everything under one roof is a huge benefit, allowing everyone to oversee progress all the way through to the end of a project. We do the majority of design and fabrication in-house. We create some of the highest quality results in the industry, and when a build is completed, we host activation training and full previews to showcase what the finished product looks like. We take pride in our craftsmanship and execution, and we mean it.



Our execution and operational services include but are not limited to on-site supervision, installation & dismantle (I&D), management of all show services, specialty services, staffing, and all logistical elements of any event worldwide. Whether it is a new build or an existing property, when a project is ready to go out our door, we prepare everything for a full set. From this dry fitting we verify that all elements get set properly, just as if it was the actual event site or exhibit hall. With our knowledge, experience, and adaptability, we are confident that everything’s right when we send out our work and your design into the wild. We wouldn’t be any good if we couldn’t pull it off.



Proctor has a 100,000+ square-foot facility with almost 55,000 square feet dedicated to exhibit storage in our climate-controlled warehouse. Fork lifts, loading docks, warehouse, pull and inspect (P&I), repair, graphic updates, and pack & prep are all part of our scope. Call for our rates to store your trade show booth. Call for rates.


Trade show experiences that stand out in the crowd

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing that is notable, unique and mobile. 

Permanant installations

Experiential Marketing that is notable, unique and mobile. 

Safety solutions 

Solutions to help protect your staff, clients, and guests


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 We love the creative process and making ideas tangible things.

Take a look at what we do and see for yourself.

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