Permanent Installations

Experiences that last

Looking for an experience that’s a little more permanent? Our team is known for creating fantastic permanent installations! Permanent installations are perfect if you’re looking to make your space more unique long term. From museum installations to immersive retail experiences, we’ll help you craft an experience that is built to last.

Our team will work with you through our entire process of creative design, production, activation, and ongoing management. We will help you reach your customers and clients in new and exciting ways.

our process


During the creative phase, we’ll start with the big picture view and then dig down into the details with you. During this process, the Proctor team will spec out your idea into a design and visualization. The team will also estimate project costs and timelines that are included in your proposal. Once design and visualization iterations are completed and the proposal has been approved, the team moves into production.



The production phase kicks off with an internal project launch, where the team reviews all the details from start to finish. The next step is detailing; during this process the team defines the fabrication and completes setup drawings. These are the blueprints of your project and define all the details for the fabrication team along with details for the activation of your experience.

Once detailing is finished, fabrication begins! A benefit of the Proctor experience is that everything happens under one roof. The design and detailing teams will be on hand throughout the fabrication process. Once fabrication is complete, it’s time to showcase the final product with a preview. This occurs in person at Proctor or via video if you aren’t in Denver. You will be immersed in your experience, as everything is put together as if it were already out in the world.



Your experience is ready for the world! Whether it is a new build or an existing property, when a project is ready to go out our door we prepare everything for a full set. From this dry fitting, we verify that all elements get set properly, just as if it was the actual event site or exhibit hall. With our knowledge, experience, and adaptability, we are confident that everything’s right when we send our work and your design out into the wild.



Our execution and operational services include but are not limited to on-site supervision, I&D, management of all show services, specialty services, staffing, and all logistical elements of any event worldwide.

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 Let’s talk about your next permanent installation project

Get in touch with our team! We would love to help you dream up something that’s perfect for your space. We have helped create beautiful permanent installations for hotels, casinos, shoe stores, and more!

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