Facebook Parklet

Facebook is encouraging their employees to get outside!

It might seem strange for a company known for online social media and social networking to encourage their employees to take a break from screen time, but that’s exactly what Facebook was looking to do. The social media giant wanted to create outdoor spaces throughout their sprawling campus so team members could take a break and recharge.

To meet Facebook’s needs, a concept was created called “Parklets”. The Parklet units needed to be open and inviting as well as private enough to disconnect from the office. The resulting design envisioned a creative space where employees could connect with colleagues, have lunch, or just enjoy being outside.

Facebook Parklet meeting

With this concept, Proctor Productions developed a modern and welcoming environment perfect for spontaneous meetings and creative inspiration. The units would have to withstand heavy use and weather, so Proctor turned to durable outdoor materials featuring powder coated steel, wood and fabric.

To ensure maximum flexibility, the modular units were designed to be reconfigured, featuring heavy duty casters allowing the Parklets to be easily moved for various events around the Facebook campus.

Proctor fabricated the Parklets in their Denver, Colorado shop, then managed the behind-the-scenes logistics ensuring the Parklet units arrived on-time and installed to the clients satisfaction. 

Facebook Parklet photos

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