Meet Justin Pass, the newest member of the Proctor team here in Denver. Justin, also known as “JP”, is a Colorado native who came to Proctor by way of Media sales. His 16 years in radio, TV, digital media and sales management set him up perfectly to be our new Director of Business Development.

“In business, I value trusted relationships, innovation and success”, Justin explains. “I have always been in sales. Ever since I was young kid, I sold Snickers bars on the school bus, I sold rocks to my next door neighbors, I waited tables, I sold flowers, every job I’ve ever done has been in sales I guess. It’s because I love the art of negotiation, and that’s why I‘m here at Proctor, because I love the diversity of businesses we work with, and the complex variation of industries. Each project is always a fresh opportunity for new creative and design.”

Justin works hand in hand with marketing and sales to identify strategic partnerships and grow company goals, and he fits in nicely with the “Proctor culture”. He has already begun wrangling new prospects for potential trade show exhibits and event marketing opportunities, and has taken a particular interest in the experiential marketing category. “There is a lot of untapped potential in Denver for Proctor; there are many local avenues we have yet to explore that will incite a lot more growth in our company”, Justin believes.

At work, he is a natural leader, both driven and focused, and outside of work loves to enjoy life and have a good time. He is a single father of two children Aiden (8) and Josephine (6), and enjoys coaching his son’s soccer team, mountain biking, camping, and snowboarding. Though he leads a very busy life, he still makes time for his favorite Colorado activity: sitting by a campfire in the mountains under the stars, sippin’ whiskey and listening to bluegrass.