Metropolitan State University of Denver hosted their Annual Scholarship Reception in April and Proctor’s own Leo Proctor and Chris Montigne were in attendance.

MSU has been a strong member of Denver’s higher education community since 1965. The university provides financial aid to more than half of its students, from sources like grants, foundation awards and scholarships. Proctor Productions is proud to be a contributing part of MSU’s student aid and legacy.

The President of MSU Denver, Dr. Stephen M. Jordan, showed his appreciation for Proctor in a statement: “Thank you for recognizing that there are simply some obstacles that people cannot overcome alone. Thank you for helping remove these barriers to education that affect the lives of so many bright young people. Ultimately, the graduates of MSU Denver will bring their own special skills and perspectives into the greater Denver area, bolstering our economy and working for the greater good. This is why the scholarship program exists: to transform live—and our community—for the better.”

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