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We are a team of experienced designers, fabricators, and storytellers who are dedicated to building any experience, large or small. And you could be a part of that! We push boundaries and seek to amplify the uniqueness of the brands we work with. Sound like your jam? Check out our open positions at Proctor Productions below:

Event Account Manager Job Opening at Proctor Productions


Reports To
Warehouse Manager

Job Overview
Perform the daily delivery and pick-up needs as-well-as general warehouse tasks.

Valid drivers license

Preferred knowledge and skills.

  • Physically able to be on feet 6-8hrs per day and lift at least 50lbs.
  • Forklift certified or equivalent experience
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • People skills and relationship building

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Pick up and deliver materials using the company van or truck as needed
  • Assist in delivery or pick up of exhibit materials locally
  • When not out on pick ups or deliveries, assist the warehouse with daily needs (exhibit setup, exhibit teardown, general cleaning and organization, inventory, inspections)
  • Facilitate any maintenance needs. IE: drop off vehicles for service, pick up propane for forklifts

To Apply

Send resume to juanita@proctorproductions.com or call 303 572-1149

Event Account Manager Job Opening at Proctor Productions

Welder/Metal Fabricator 

Job Overview

Perform the daily welding, metal fabrication and exhibit setup needs.  

To Apply

Please contact Juanita Diaz, HR Director to submit your resume and set up an interview: juanita@proctorproductions.com 

Event Account Manager Job Opening at Proctor Productions

Project Manager

Job Overview

Responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and the budget and scope of work sold is adhered to. This includes internal fabrication as-well-as keeping stakeholders informed the entire way.

303.572.1149Proctor Productions • 501 Raritan Way Denver, CO 80204