Every two years, Chipotle gathers all of their managers together in Las Vegas for the AMC (All Managers Conference). For three days, Chipotle managers learn about company initiatives, new products, personal growth and best practices. This year, Proctor had the pleasure of helping bring the event to life with some truly unique pieces.


A registration area was created that had to accommodate over 3400 people all registering at the same time.


Faux food trucks were built to serve box lunches to the participants.


A central plaza was created for interactive training and featured a 25′ pyramid that had to be rigged overnight.


The most inspired piece created was the 325’ long by 16’ tall medallion wall made totally from 100% recycled cardboard.


This curved medallion wall divided the large convention center floor and created a natural separation of the space for the day and night time events, such as the Adobo awards featuring a red carpet entry, live DJ and awards show. 


The event was a huge success that engaged and energized company employees.


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