This Summer and Fall, Proctor worked with local non-profit Illuminate Colorado to create their new mobile child care classrooms. The Illuminate team’s vision and end goal were clear: to create a mobile childcare classroom to serve Colorado families when they need it most.

The Proctor team estimated the design then put it through their detailing process. This process ensures a quality build with no surprises. Detailing is thorough and more than build drawings. Detailing is a place for problem solving. Converting a newer model RV coach into a mobile childcare center meant renovating the interior to accommodate the needed functions of the childcare center.

We always begin our process with design thinking and asking the right questions to ultimately address the real needs that may be present, but designing for both adult teachers and little kiddos in the classrooms heavily influenced our thinking and final intent. Among many of the things we learned throughout this process, with guidance from Illuminate, we educated ourselves on, and implemented the guiding principles of safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment in the classroom wherever we could. Where this influence is most visible is in the forms, shapes, sizes, and placement of elements inside the vehicle. Everything needed to be appropriate and useful to the adults operating the program as drivers, activation staff, and most importantly as teachers. Moreover, it needed to be appropriate for, and compliant with the developmental needs of the infants and toddlers that will be receiving care in the classrooms. Everything from access to toys, books, safe sleeping areas, to colors, artwork, and lighting were considered when designing and creating the interior environment of Honey.

Throughout this process, Proctor documented the renovation and completion of the project. Take a virtual tour of Honey – Illuminate Colorado’s new mobile childcare classroom.

To learn more about Illuminate Colorado and their mission, visit their website or contact us.

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