Crafting unique and memorable experiences.

This Spring, Proctor worked with an agency partner, crafting a unique and memorable experience for Marriott Bonvoy. The partners design and vision for the activation was clear; create a treetop clubhouse that would stand out among the typical festival booths. The conceptualized space was to be intimate and unexpected. A perfect place for visitors to escape and plan their next adventure.

The Proctor team estimated the design then put it through their detailing process. This process ensures a quality build with no surprises. Detailing is thorough and more than build drawings. Detailing is a place for problem solving. Proctor engineered and created an adjustable tree that anchored the space. They worked within height restrictions, and ensured the sight lines and booth orientation were correct. The team also suggested branding opportunities that had been overlooked. Once detailed, the design was turned over to the fabrication team who turned the clients concept into reality.


With the fabrication phase complete, it was time to take the treehouse on the road. Proctor’s team of experienced installers made sure the activation went up on time and without issue.

Due to the inspired design and superior craftsmanship, the treehouse was the talk of the event.


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