Proctor Denver Experiential Marketing

Proctor recently attended the Experiential Marketing Summit in Chicago as an exhibitor. Event Marketer‘s renowned annual event recognizes leading companies and trends in the experiential marketing world. Attending this show as an exhibiting company along side some of the biggest players in the industry was an opportunity we certainly wanted to make the most of. So we brought our A-game.

Proctor Denver Experiential Marketing

We are such a visual company, and this being our first outward-facing brand presence attempt ever, the response to our physical booth design and fabrication, examples of our work, apparel, and schwag, was very positive.

Chris Montigne [Creative Director]    

Proctor Denver Experiential Marketing

“Proctor’s involvement in this show as a design and fabrication company gave us a chance to meet with some of the brightest marketers in the world, share ideas and showcase our diverse offerings.

Justin Pass [Sales & Marketing Director]

Below are personal accounts of the experience from Proctor’s leading representatives.

Justin Pass:

The EMS was a tremendous opportunity for the experiential community to congregate on new ideas and opportunities. Much like a conference, the EMS was a “meeting of the minds” and drew a large crowd of agencies, brand managers, marketing directors, and experiential and event vendors alike.

Michael Francis:

“People don’t care what you do, they care why you do it”:

I was privileged to be able to attend a few of the seminars at the show and the above phrase is what stuck with me the most. It’s a good reminder that people are looking for and noticing companies that are passionate about what they do. That mindset is contagious and attractive. Our presence was definitely known as we had one of the most visually-appealing spaces at the show.

 Tony Ambrosio:

Unlike larger expos, EMS allowed for some great networking opportunities between session speakers. We were fortunate enough to send all of our top sales reps this year. With the success of this event, we look forward to what opportunities EMS will offer us next year.

Chris Montigne:

The EMS was an ideal and logical opportunity in which to participate. The relevance of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it resonated strongly with almost every individual or group we had a conversation with.

It felt really great to participate in the team as a unified front on behalf of our company, and I think the energy created by this effort was felt and equally appreciated by all others involved too.

Proctor Denver Experiential Marketing

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