For over 40 years, Proctor has fabricated hundreds of trade show exhibits and crafted truly unique experiences. We’re no stranger to the food and beverage industry, we love helping brands stand out above the rest. So with the Expo East show quickly approaching, we wanted to take this opportunity to show some of the work we’ve done in the past.

Free2b Foods


• The company was changing their brand from Sun Cups to Free2b Foods. To eliminate confusion, the new booth design needed to reflect the Sun Cups style.

• Corner exhibit that reconfigured to a linear 10 x 10, 10 x 15, & 10×20

• Actual cocoa beans and sunflowers were used in the planter. Allergen tags were attached for safety.

Red Ace Organics


• This was the first time the company created a custom booth, in the past they had only used a roll up banner.

• The new look gave them more visibility and interaction in comparison to past years.

• The client was happy to have storage to secure all of their product.

• Natural wood elements were used to make their vibrant juice pop!

• Restrictive budget: new architecture and graphics + used crates and a re-purposed counter.



• First time doing a custom booth.

• Limited budget: Used crates and a re-purposed counter to save money and give a custom look.

• The design focused on a cafe feel as their product is popular for mornings on the go or after workouts.

• Many compliments from other food companies on the beautiful modern booth and brand presence.

I’m Different Snacks


• Brand new company just launched in 2018!

• The client wanted to look totally different in a sea of natural booths and encompass the 80’s cali vibe.

• Tight turn around time. The booth was designed and fabricated in less than 3 weeks. Some existing Proctor properties were used to keep within the budget.

• The design used innovative spinning displays (products on LPs), skate board decks for the counter, music, and a real pay phone. The neon light really drew the crowd in to sample and learn about the new concept. 

The Jackfruit Company


• Limited budget and timeline. The booth was completed in only 2 1/2 weeks!

• Sustainability is a main pillar for their company and they were thrilled that they could buy a used booth. Besides the booth, they were excited to also utilize a used microwave from another property, previously owned rollable bamboo flooring, and free sampling cups! 

• Proctor transformed the booth to fit perfectly with their new look and feel.

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